Personalized Website
Futurelink provides a visual website configuration tool, which can quickly build the event website in 15 minutes, create a sense of formality, and enhance publicity.
Multi-device Adaptation
Just scan the code or visit the link, both mobile phones and computers are accessible.
Dynamic Content
The modules are displayed adaptively, and the contents are personalized and recommended.
Multilingual interface, support overseas accounts.
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Visual configuration
WYSIWYG, modular construction, providing a large number of exquisite templates.
The entrance can be connected to any third-party service, making your homepage a real event hub.
All content can be configured in multiple languages and provide one-click translation capability.
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Deploy well-designed posters in carousels and content, reveal branding in navigation bar and emails, permeate campaign branding into every flow.
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Organizing events, choose FutureLink.
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