Appointment & Talk
Traditional fairs are usually limited by manpower and venues. Online appointment and talk breaks the shackles of time, region and manpower, and greatly improves service capabilities.
Appointment Mechanism
Customize Schedule
For events that require centralized talk, organizers shall set the schedule in advance.
Prior Appointment
The talk time is agreed in advance to ensure that both parties go online on time.
Avoid Conflicts
The system automatically checks schedule conflicts to reduce missed appointments.
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Remote Talk
No Installation Required
No need to download software, just click link to talk on mobile phone and computer.
Cross Language
ASR + AI translation help solve language problems in international communication.
Multi-party Talks
Share the link with colleagues to participate in the business talk thoroughly.
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Easy Pairing
Recommendation System
Intelligent recommendations help participants find people and businesses faster and easier.
Smart Matching
Not sure how to pair it right? AI generates a pairing plan with one click.
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