Global Live Broadcast
The live streaming system has been optimized for transnational events, provides one-stop streaming, subtitles, translation, and interaction.
Professionalism and Convenience
Push Stream
Filmed on site, and pushed to the platform after being processed by the director.
Online Conference
Attendees meet and speak remotely, and audiences watch online.
Playback & Editing
Playbacks are automatically generated after the meeting, and a editing tool is provided.
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Multilingual Ability
Multilingual Channels
Divide simultaneous interpretation audios into multiple channels and automatically adapt to the audiences' device language.
Live Subtitles
With the world's top ASR & RTS technology, subtitles are displayed synchronously.
Cross-lingual Interaction
Worried that foreigners cannot understand contents and subtitles? The AI translation overcomes language barriers with one click.
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Stability Guaranteed
Watch Smoothly
Global high-quality CDN nodes and edge computing capabilities provide global participants with a stable experience.
Backup Line
If the video stream is unstable, you can seamlessly switch to the backup line with one click.
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