Operation Tool
For Event Digitization
Build official websites at a clip
Manage event processes efficiently
Organize international events easily
Insight into data assets accurately
Event Digitization Solution
Website construction, registration and check-in, live streaming, digital exhibition, business negotiations, data analysis, resource accumulation, one-stop management helps event organizers efficiently operate international business events.
Accessible International Events
Optimized for Multinational Scenarios
Multilingual Application
Multilingual interface and content, events are more international.
Cross-language Communication
100+ languages text translation, AI translation video talks.
Global Access
80% major regions' network has been optimized.
Internationalized Accounts
100+ regions' phone number login, global email notification.
Customer Precipitation
Precipitation of customer resources, mining of potential value, efficient secondary invitation.
Behavior Traces
Characteristic Analysis
Data Assets
Easy Notification
Data Assurance
System Stability
Flexible Expansion
Edge Computing
Global Network Node
Dual Backup Streaming
Data Security
Remote Disaster Recovery
Encrypted Storage
Secrecy System
Black Box Analysis
Cyber Security
Defend against Cyberattacks
Sensitive Word Recognition
API Signing Mechanism
Excellent Service
Years of Foreign Experience
Experienced Developers
Exclusive Service
24/7 On Call
Quality Customers
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